Cannabis Culture Celebrates Christmas at the BCMP Vapor Lounge

CANNABIS CULTURE - The best way to celebrate the holiday season is to light up a fat Christmas Tree with a circle of family and friends, then kick back with a spiced eggnog and a huge plate of festive baked treats. This was the scene at the 2012 Cannabis Culture Christmas Staff Party, held on December 12 at the BCMP Vapor Lounge.

Cannabis Culture Headquarters employees and our extended CC family made the night one to remember (or to try to remember).

Holiday Cheer was stuffed into every bong, joint, and stocking on premises and a Merry night was had by all.

View my photos from the party in the CC Flickr gallery Cannabis Culture Christmas Staff Party 2012.

Cannabis Culture owner Jodie Emery had a special holiday message for the CC staff and family about her husband Marc Emery, who will spend his Christmas in a US federal prison in Mississippi.

Watch Jodie's Christmas speech on Pot TV:

Stop by Cannabis Culture Headquarters for everything you need but the weed for the cannabis-lover on your Christmas list and get 10% off on everything in the store. While you're there, visit the BCMP Vapor Lounge upstairs and rent a Volcano vaporizer or bong for an hour or two (but bring your own weed!).

Not in Vancouver? Visit the CCHQ Online Store.

Merry Christmas from Cannabis Culture!

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


On a lighter note...

I really hope you all had enough snacks. I couldn't imagine a Holiday party without munchies. :P Well fed staff work that much better. :D

Steam room in your pocket...

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